Celebrate the Flavor of the Season

Celebrate the Flavor of the Season

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without our favorite foods and the associations they bring – whether it is the New York bagels you ship to your aunt and uncle in Florida every year or the catered gourmet meal you always have for New Year’s Eve. 

 “It’s hard to think of the holiday season and not think of all the holiday food – the tantalizing treats – both sweet and savory – that accompany all the celebrations,” says Rhonda Lauritzen, the founder of Evalogue.Life

“Ask anyone and they probably have a holiday food that makes them smile. I know this is true for me,” she says. “I have 10 or 20!” 

Writing from her unique perspective, Rhonda identified three big reasons why holidays and food go together:

  1. Holiday food traditions bring memories of Christmases past that we cherish.

As a child, every year when the holidays rolled around, she would always make candy with her grandmother. “The candy is divine but the best part was always spending that precious time with my grandparents. We talked about everything from politics, to soap operas, to spiritual matters to the drapes in the kitchen.”

  1. Holiday food traditions teach us about our heritage, an important part of our story.

“Many of us celebrate the holidays with unique foods that have been passed down for generations – we may serve them at a special occasion or on special days of the season,” the blog says. In her case, Rhonda and her family have biscuits and gravy every Christmas morning. 

  1. Holiday food traditions unite family and friends in a very unique, uplifting way. 

“What’s better than family and friends coming together to eat something delicious that you’ve eaten together for years?” the blog asks. “Sometimes the unitedness comes in the preparations, sometimes it comes in the eating of the food and sometimes it proves to be a catalyst to bring new friends and family into the fold.”

This year, you may be sharing those holiday flavors with family and friends even though you are apart. 

 We understand that this year, many holiday gatherings will be smaller than usual. That’s why we have a special holiday dinner menu that feeds four as well as individual Christmas dinners. 

With the unique challenges of 2020 in mind, we have also created some delicious (and affordable) family style meals that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Choose from our Family Value menu, with meals that serve 4 to 6 people or our Sunday Brunch menu, which can feed 6 to 10 people. 

All of us at Broadway Gourmet Caterers wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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